Advanced technologies and energy independence - a new development project NA MEANDRU

Advanced technologies and energy independence - a new development project NA MEANDRU

The number of households purchasing their own photovoltaic power plant is growing every year. The often underestimated gift of nature – renewable energy – saves not only the environment, but also your wallet in the long term, mainly thanks to increasing energy efficiency. So if your dream is to achieve maximum independence from external energy suppliers, this project could be the right one for you.

Homes of the future


From the beginning, the developer of the new modern project NA MEANDRU was to create a housing in harmony with beautiful surroundings and with the lowest possible operating costs – in short, ideal homes for the future. Knowledgeable partners in design, energy, architecture and design were involved in the preparation and implementation of the project. The houses are counting on increasing energy management requirements in both winter and summer and run counter to the latest trends in water management. The main aim of the project is to achieve intelligent energy self-sufficiency for up to 8 months a year.


Thoughtful architecture



The family house project in Řež is a complex set of fifteen luxury buildings, located on a sunny, south-facing and slightly sloping area in the south-eastern part of the village of Řež. Each house is unique in its appearance and layout, but the entire residential area, if you want a neighborhood, looks uniform. The houses are perfectly solved in terms of construction and technology, the architecture is modern, illuminated and the facade harmoniously combines elements of glazing, wood and greenery. The interiors were designed in specialized studios and organically follow the surrounding manicured gardens. Everything is thought out in the light of current climatic conditions and technology aimed at low energy consumption. This is also achieved by the architectural design itself. These are mainly shading with roofs and shutters, placement of green walls and photovoltaic panels not only on the roofs but also on the walls of buildings and large glazed areas oriented mainly to the south.


The latest technological trends in housing



Comfortable living also includes the latest intelligent technologies that frees the occupants of the house from worries about heat in winter and cold and shading on sunny and hot days, ensures ventilation, heating and other infrastructure. Of course, the management of rainwater and wastewater is also remembered, and even the use of heat from the wastewater. Independence and low-cost conventional farming is ensured by triple synergistically linked and user-friendly solar technology combined with a ground-water heat pump. Rocky bedrock and sunny hillside create perfect conditions for this solution. As part of the use of technology, homeowners will continue to be looked after by one of the developer's contractors, Slunce Invest Pro, which specializes in independent energy.


Undisturbed peace and privacy near Prague



Luxurious villas of the development project NA MEANDRU are thoughtfully located on the total territory and individual plots ranging from 707 sqm to 1,425 sqm. They are available in four design levels and price levels. The disposition of houses ranges from 4+kt to 6+kt with the possibility of modification the layout according to the owners' wishes. In addition to living rooms there is also a sauna, relaxation room, ample storage space, 2–3 bathrooms, utility room, dressing rooms and more. Each house has a garage for two cars and parking on the property. Arrivals to the houses are also intelligently solved so that their residents have their undisturbed peace.

Beautiful location, excellent access to Prague, exceptional architecture together with advanced handling of energy and water in everyday life makes NA MEANDRU one of the most interesting development projects in our offer. Call us, we will be happy to introduce it closer.