Our services

We offer comprehensive services in the world of luxury real estate 
– from consultations to the completion of a successful real estate transaction


We work with a professionalism and enthusiasm that you might not expect from a real estate agency. We’ll provide you with advice on whether to sell your house or flat or to rent it out, on purchasing real estate, on trading in land, in commercial real estate, and on investing into real estate – we’ll support your decision and make sure it’s headed in the right direction.


A good property will always find a buyer, and we’ll work to make sure it’s the best.



What we provide for you

– a great presentation of your property and its marketing package

– comprehensive real estate services for the sale and lease of real estate: we’ll prepare your apartment or house, conduct tours of your property, communicate with clients and mediate all the negotiations in a positive spirit, arrange the deal, arrange all related matters for the land register, and after the deal is closed, we take care of the handover of the apartment or house, including transferring the utilities, and we work with the manager.

– top-notch legal service

– we search for the most suitable custom property for you, including its technical inspection if necessary, both residential and commercial properties

– we finance real estate and secure the credit, thus promoting the chance for the best deal

– we also offer relocation services for individuals and businesses, including moving

– investment consultancy in real estate for Prague and throughout the Czech Republic and abroad

Our cooperation with you means that we give you everything you need in the world of real estate. We work with external experts in various related services (not only real estate) so that you have everything UNDER ONE ROOF.

What we offer



We are specialists – CONSULTING in luxury real estate and investments in real estate is our daily bread

We are well-versed in the current situation on the real estate market. We are active in ​​both residential and commercial real estate as well as in real estate investments. Finding the most advantageous solution requires years of experience, and that’s what we offer you.



We have the answers regarding the highest return on the sale as well as the highest benefits of purchasing a property

How variable are the prices? Is it better to sell real estate now or later? Will it be better to sell before a reconstruction, or prepare and completey renovate a real estate first and then sell it? What’s the best way prepare an apartment for sale in order to get the highest price? Does it make sense to invest in an apartment before selling it? Should I hold the price steady, or start negotiating it? How should I choose a location for a real estate purchase with respect to financial options? How to evaluate a plot of land? Can agricultural land be converted into a building parcel? Is it possible to obtain a territorial decision and a building permit? These questions, and many others, will all be discussed and answered during our meeting. We’re ready to help you realize your vision. We’ll also prepare a free market estimate of your property.




Your property will be seen, and you won’t have to wait long before it’s sold



One of the cornerstones of the success of the LUXENT real estate agency is our cutting-edge know-how in marketing and sales promotion, right alongside the skills of our specialists.

We use sophisticated and effective marketing tools every day. We reach thousands of potential buyers for your property and those interested in our services. We use all real estate servers, work sophisticatedly with preferences, and we consistently “top up” advertised real estate.

We work with professional real estate magazines, both printed and electronic media such as ESTATE, FORBES, and others.

We send out offers to targeted listings from our internal database which contains thousands of live contacts. We follow trends in social networks and mobile applications. For all types of advertising, we are constantly evaluating efficiency and use it to seek out the best specific solutions for the person selling and leasing real estate.



We present non-public offers in the private section of our website which is accessible only to selected clients

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Comfortable real estate services make such an important step, which purchasing and selling property truly is, more pleasant

We offer our clients individual attention and care

– we will prepare an analysis of the market situation and determine the current price of your property, free of charge

– we’ll propose the most appropriate procedure for a successful sale, purchase or lease of both residential and commercial properties

– top-of-the-line presentations on a range of marketing media attract the natural interest of potential buyers – we offer great communication with all interested parties in a positive spirit and take care of them completely throughout the entire process, resulting in a peaceful and satisfying close to the deal

– we also pay special attention to your investnebt objectives and their execution



We’re specialists in real estate as well as in the art of commerce and positive communication

We negotiate with a high level of professionalism, but also with an individual approach and in a spirit of good will to make sure that all those involved are satisfied. There’s always a single agent assigned to each property. We prepare the presentation of documents and the information important for the decision-making in the legal, administrative, and technical fields and more. We conduct flexible tours of your real estate. We monitor and evaluate feedback and support the decision-making process. We facilitate the positive resolution of any discrepancies that may arise. We are available as the situation requires – often outside the “main times” and beyond normal expectations.

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We mediate financing of real estate, including for commercial purposes

We help our clients secure financing for:

– residential properties – purchase of apartments, exclusive houses, and land

– commercial real estate and investment opportunities

– developer projects

We cooperate with individual investors, all major banks, and professional financial and mortgage advisers. We resolve complex assignments and find the best path.

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We provide complete LEGAL SERVICES, from the introductory meeting to registration in the land cadaster offices

When it comes to the sale or rental of exclusive properties, an inseparable part of the deal, as well as its satisfying completion, is the smooth and trouble-free course of the legal transactions.

We prepare:

– the reservation contract

– the contract for a future purchase contract

– the purchase contract itself

– the contract for the escrow account and the safekeeping of funds

– additional contracts such as easements, liens, etc.

– for developers, we also provide the owner's statement or establishment of owners associations

– We provide legal services as part of our long-term cooperation with a renowned international and highly insured law firm, all as part of our negotiated commission. All the negotiations take place in the cultural setting of our office or of the law firm’s office, the perfect environment for the perfect agreements. You’ll see that signing contracts can be a very enjoyable experience.

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We seek out luxury real estate based on custom requests

This service is for those who are looking for an interesting, luxury, or specific property to purchase, but don’t have the time to monitor the luxury real estate market every day. We know that many of them are not even offered publically. We will process your requirements discreetly and offer you real estate that fits your expectations as much as possible from public and private offers. Come visit us for a free consultation.

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A wide range of relocation services is part of what we offer

Individual clients, families, and companies – everyone who is moving to the Czech Republic and to Prague – will appreciate our wide range of support. We will individually meet your requirements and, in cooperation with our partners, will help you move smoothly and efficiently to your new home from abroad. This is the best way to fully enjoy a new start to your life in the beautiful city that Prague is. We offer:

– seeking out and arranging a lease in a luxury apartment or house

– securing international moving and help with getting oriented in your new environment

– help finding the right school or kindergarten

– securing a medical caregiver, also helping you find the right doctor

– we take care of immigration services (visas, work permits, residence permits, registration at the Foreign Police)

– we help set up a bank account, asset and personal insurance, even choosing a utility company

– concierge services

…as well as other individual assistance based on your needs in the new city. We also offer legal and real estate consultancy, interpreting or translation of documents, vehicle registration, parking cards, and other individual assistance options.

After consulting your needs, we will be happy to prepare a cost estimate and provide more detailed information.

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Company relocation – thanks to the synergy of our services, we can effectively reduce your future costs



Leasing and selling commercial property is a popular commodity in the world of real estate. The economy is developing progressively, so we offer companies room for change and growth. New and established companies who need to buy or lease commercial space to meet their new needs, both bigger and smaller, seek out our services.

What we offer:

– office buildings with all the necessary business needs (reception, parking, cleaning, etc.)

– individual office spaces

– spaces for culinary events

– other business premises – warehouses, real estate for logistics, etc.


We offer solutions to a wide range of needs for small and large entrepreneurs as well as business owners. Our clients want better transport accessibility for their employees as well as better locations for their clients; they need more technical support in their business; they need their headquarters to be representative of their business, and they need good financial conditions for leasing. We know how complex the entire process can be, and this is why we offer our know-how to help solve the whole process in a comprehensive way:

– from the lease contract

– through negotiating good business conditions

– up to the interior reconstruction and furnishing and equipping the premises.

What we offer