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The properties that we sell are based on good references from our clients. We sell real estate the best way possible with regards to the existing market and your requirements. Our goal is to ease our clients’ worries. Entrusting us with the sale or lease of your house, apartment, commercial building, atypical real estate, or land means that you have a reliable and stable partner with whom, according to our clients, it’s also pleasant to work with. We know how the real estate market moves, what the market prices of real estate are, and how to work with them. We can’t predict the future, but we can read real estate and how the market moves with it.

We specialize primarily in the luxury real estate market

We view the essence of luxury not only in the quality of an exclusive apartment or house, but also in the originality of the property, in its creative potential, its uniqueness, interest, affordability, and, of course, in its location and the genius loci of its space. We can assess all this for you.

We've intermediated countless deals with exclusive properties

We sell luxury homes and apartments in Prague as well as throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. We support selected high standard development projects. We work with land parcels, apartment buildings, and commercial properties such as offices and restaurants. We’re also able to sell more specific properties such as historical buildings, country houses, castles, mansions, farms, old mills, and the like.

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“We believe that each property deserves an individual approach. This is why for each property, each tour, and all communication with clients, a single agent is assigned who knows everything about your real estate and your visions and can represent you very professionally. We are a proactive team, constantly working to deepen our professional and professional knowledge. We reliably offer honest and open cooperation, long-term experience in the sale of apartments, houses, and projects, as well as consultancy in the field of real estate and investments. We strive to consistently provide an objective perspective and find the right path that leads to the ultimate satisfaction of all business participants.”

Emil Kasarda, Director of LUXENT s.r.o.

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