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What we offer developers


The LUXENT Real Estate Agency encourages developers in development projects. We concentrate more on intimate and exclusive projects when the developer is able to welcome our creative collaboration and sales know-how. We can recognize and help realize the highest possible potential of a site and real estate in terms of its location, quality of the structure, and the visions and possibilities of the investor in the real estate market. We mostly work on real estate projects in Prague, including the historical city center.

In the development project, we act not only as the sales agency, but we get involved in an innovative way in the early preparation stage. We offer start-to-finish services. We use our cooperation to help developers build a stronger foundation for business success and customer satisfaction:


Preparation phase

We seek out investment properties and work together to create a successful development strategy and its implementation plan.


Sales phase

We offer quality marketing for apartments of development projects and all the real estate services that lead to their successful sale

Legal service in the realization of the development project

In cooperation with a reputable law firm, we secure the preparation, management, and implementation of all the legal documentation for the project


With the preparation of contractual documentation, we naturally offer the developer the related consultation and management of client negotiations at all stages of the preparation up to the signing of the contracts; we also deal with the Land Registry Office and ensure the submission of all documents.

Work on a development project, including its preparation and successful sale, lasts several months. Since we’ve become active on the real estate market, we’ve realized the exclusive sales of a number of quality design residential projects in Prague. We have actual and up-to-date experience with the current market. The projects we’ve collaborated in have each had a distinctive design that prompted a strong response on the market. We were involved in them since the initial concept creation. The projects were sold out before the final building inspection to the high satisfaction of all involved.

We believe that success in business lies in a good knowledge of people and the market, in good preparation, sensitive coordination, communication, and open cooperation. We support the individual concept of each project and a friendly sales strategy that ensures maximum investment return and appreciation. And so far, that’s what we’ve been successful in in our cooperation with our partners and developers.


(Realized) development projects



If you are interested in consulting or cooperating with us, please don’t hesitate to contact or visit us at our headquarters at Pařížská ulice no. 131/28, Prague 1 – Josefov.