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About the project


Krásova Residence is an emerging project coming of a careful and thorough reconstruction of the Art Nouveau building from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The project is located in the hills below Jiřího z Poděbrad square, on the border of Vinohrady and Žižkov, in the top of the street Krásova. New bright flats are designed for people young at heart and loving the originality. Large interior windows and glass walls increase interior space and transmit light across the room facing east and west (to the street Krásova and also to the green courtyard on the other side). The upper floors offer views of the city from the windows and balconies. The house has a new elevator and renovated cellars that belong to the apartments. The layouts are offered from studio apartments (28 square meters) over 2 bedroom apartment to apartment with large terrace 5+kt and floor area 135 sqm. Residences apartments are modern designed and well equipped with a higher and a highest standard in harmony with the size and type of dwelling. Their ambience and quality is underlined by the materials and equipment. Quality solid parquet folded into a square format, white flush doors, large format rectified tiles, quality sanitary ware in the bathrooms, wooden windows with double-glazed, videophone and many other. The project aims to create a cozy living inspiring and awakening the creativity of the new owners, with excellent access to downtown and close to the relaxation spaces and green parks.


Location Žižkov is on the rise and it increases the value and quality of housing and life of its inhabitants. Residence Krásova is also at the top of Žižkov, which is adjacent to Vinohrady and is influenced by their spirit. The residence is located close to several green parks and cultural. In Mahler Gardens, distant only 5 minutes, Zizkov Tower offers a phenomenal view of the whole city. For pleasant walks you can go for example to the famous Rieger orchards.
The location is excellent for both - for single people's lives and also for the life of large families with children or without them. Cultural activities in Žižkov is rich - concert and exhibition hall Atrium and a large number of small theaters and scenes of warranty. In the immediate vicinity of the residence there are also numerous quality restaurants and local cafes. There are also a post, banking institutions, pharmacies, kindergartens and primary schools (Primary school with extended language teaching, music school), high school and grammar school (Grammar School and Music School, Archbishop grammar school in Prague), University of Economics or private Unicorn College. In the neighborhood within walking distance you will find all kinds of shops that you may need and Jiřího z Poděbrad square and regular farmers' markets. In the Atrium shopping center on Flora you can find everything under one roof and in the end you can visit the 3D movies at the multiplex Cinema City.
The residence has excellent transport links throughout Prague. Husinecka tram stop is just 5 minutes walk from the house and the metro line A - George of Podebrady about 10 minutes. Parking Residence is in the blue zone in the street Krásova.

Price list and more information to individual apartments are in preparation.
Contract Disposition Floor Living area Terrace / Balcony Garden Price
AK-1 2+kt higher ground floor 50 m2 No / 2 m2 No SOLD more
AK-2 3+kt higher ground floor 81 m2 No / 3 m2 Yes (15 m2) SOLD more
AK-3 2+kt 1. floor 44 m2 No / 2 m2 No SOLD more
AK-4 2+kt 1. floor 41 m2 No / No No SOLD more
AK-5 2+kt 1. floor 61 m2 No / 3 m2 No SOLD more
AK-6 2+kt 2. floor 44 m2 No / 2 m2 No SOLD more
AK-7 2+kt 2. floor 41 m2 No / No No SOLD more
AK-8 2+kt 2. floor 61 m2 No / 3 m2 No SOLD more
AK-9 2+kt 3. floor 45 m2 No / 2 m2 No SOLD more
AK-10 1+kt 3. floor 24 m2 No / No No SOLD more
AK-11 3+kt 3. floor 78 m2 No / 3 m2 No SOLD more
AK-12 1+kt 4. floor 30 m2 No / 2 m2 No SOLD more
AK-13 3+kt 4. floor 89 m2 11 m2 / No No SOLD more
AK-16 1+kt 4. floor 40 m2 No / 3 m2 No SOLD more
AK-17 3+kt 4. floor 91 m2 13 m2 / No No SOLD more

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