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New residential project near Krkonose Mountains - Residence 111, Vrchlabí

About the project

A new atypical luxury project, located in a picturesque town in the foothills of the Krkonose Mountains, was created by combining a historic villa from 1904 and a former small factory hall. It tastefully connects the old with the new - a whole new modern wing will be added to the complex, with respect to the architectural values ​​of the existing buildings.

The villa, the central element of the project, will offer owners unique living in four apartments. From the west, the adjacent factory hall will be transformed into five modern maisonettes with a new atypical industrial character. In the east, an original building with four more multi-storey apartments in a modern style will be created.

On the 1st floor of the villa there are two residential units, 2+kt and 3+1 with their own garden or teracce, on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor there is always one apartment 4+kt with terraces.
In the former factory hall, the apartments are designed as maisonettes. The entrance floor is followed by a lowered ground floor with access to its own garden and an upper floor with rooms that provide a greater degree of privacy. In addition, the four western apartments in the factory wing have a third floor above ground, which opens onto its own terrace.

The new building offers four more apartments, which are also duplex, each with its own front garden and terrace facing the courtyard.
The access road along the eastern edge of the plot leads to a covered parking lot for residents with a total of 16 parking spaces.

Residence 111 is situated in a quiet area in the city center. It is ideal for permanent living, but it will also be great for a weekend break in the immediate vicinity of the Krkonose Mountains. Each of the apartments has a terrace or a small garden, which you can use to relax during beautiful days. There are great civic amenities in the area.
Contract Disposition Floor Living area Terrace / Balcony Garden Price
R1A1 2+kt gound floor 35 m2 No / No Yes (28 m2) 3 243 500 CZK more
R1A2 3+1 gound floor 92 m2 24 m2 / No No 8 476 900 CZK more
R1A3 4+kt 1. floor 87 m2 62 m2 / No No 9 336 900 CZK more
R1A4 4+kt 2. floor 89 m2 31 m2 / No No 8 541 700 CZK more
R1B1 4+1 2. floor 99 m2 8 m2 / No Yes (17 m2) RESERVATION more
R1B2 4+1 2. floor 100 m2 8 m2 / No Yes (21 m2) 9 254 600 CZK more
R1B3 4+1 2. floor 100 m2 8 m2 / No Yes (23 m2) 9 300 900 CZK more
R1B4 4+1 2. floor 100 m2 8 m2 / No Yes (24 m2) 9 320 500 CZK more
R1B5 4+1 1. floor 80 m2 No / No Yes (26 m2) 7 519 000 CZK more
R1C1 4+1 1. floor 81 m2 5 m2 / No Yes (11 m2) 7 411 200 CZK more
R1C2 4+1 1. floor 78 m2 5 m2 / No Yes (12 m2) 7 171 100 CZK more
R1C3 4+1 1. floor 78 m2 5 m2 / No Yes (12 m2) 7 171 100 CZK more
R1C4 4+1 1. floor 87 m2 6 m2 / No Yes (12 m2) 7 982 300 CZK more

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