kaskádovitá rezidence

New residential project Rezidence Erbenova, Prague 5 - Smíchov

About the project

We present a unique development project of the Erbenova Residence, which is being created near the attractive and favorite residential district of Na Hřebenkách. A total of 20 luxury apartments with terraces or gardens are being built in the eight-floor residence. Exceptional architecture, behind which stands the award-winning ADR s.r.o. Petr Kolář and Aleš Lapka. Emphasis is placed on comfort, functionality, quality, and aesthetics, all with regard to the surrounding buildings.

The Na Hřebenkách residential area is located on the southern slope of the Strahov hill and is part of Smíchov. It is a quiet residential area full of greenery with an ideal location within the city in terms of transport accessibility and amenities. The city center itself is only a few minutes away, not only by car or public transport but also on foot. The key is the nearby Strahov tunnel, which connects to the main city routes. There are kindergartens and primary schools in the area. The nearby five-star shopping center Nový Smíchov provides plenty of opportunities for shopping and leisure. Cultural activities offer countless facilities in the nearby city center. The Kinský Garden, Petřín and the Klamovka and Ladronka parks can also be used for relaxation and rest.
Contract Disposition Floor Living area Terrace / Balcony Garden Price
ERB-1D 3+kt 4. floor 143 m2 42 m2 / No Yes (32 m2) 24 690 000 CZK more
ERB-1EFG 6+kt 5. floor 243 m2 103 m2 / No No 45 990 000 CZK more
ERB-2AB 3+kt 1. floor 140 m2 43 m2 / No Yes (9 m2) 22 590 000 CZK more
ERB-3AB 3+kt 1. floor 176 m2 59 m2 / No Yes (62 m2) 29 890 000 CZK more
ERB-3EFG 5+kt 5. floor 197 m2 45 m2 / No No 35 290 000 CZK more
ERB-4AB 4+kt 2. floor 179 m2 55 m2 / No Yes (73 m2) 28 690 000 CZK more
ERB-4CD 4+kt 4. floor 135 m2 50 m2 / No Yes (6 m2) 22 090 000 CZK more
ERB-4EFG 5+kt 5. floor 196 m2 41 m2 / No No 35 290 000 CZK more
ERB-5AB 4+kt 2. floor 223 m2 67 m2 / No Yes (29 m2) 34 290 000 CZK more
ERB-5CD 4+kt 4. floor 133 m2 40 m2 / No No RESERVATION more
ERB-6EFG 5+kt 5. floor 173 m2 39 m2 / No No 30 490 000 CZK more

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